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In Memory of Nicholas Carmen Graham

1994 – 2018

Drug Addiction is the Enemy – not the Addict.

A Graduate of Shawnee HS and Veteran of the US Army as a Calvary Scout, Nicholas Graham fought bravely for his country in Operation Spartan Shield earning many medals and ribbons for his service.

Nicholas was a talented musician and artist, enjoyed fitness, fishing, creating music, and voraciously reading. He will always be remembered for his charming personality, good looks, welcoming smile and amazing presence.

Unfortunately, he will also be remembered as a tragic loss to the opioid epidemic.

The pressures of civilian life proved too much for Nicholas after his service and he made a bad decision to experiment in the world of substance abuse. Once it took hold, it never let him go. The toxicology report showed that the substance he took was tainted with deadly Fentanyl. Just 2 to 3 milligrams is enough to kill a person.

His family truly loved him and was supportive with his struggle. Through his writings, all he wanted was a normal life. If his story can save someone’s life because his was lost, his willingness to help others will continue through this organization.

Nicholas Graham loved us. Maybe he didn’t say it often. Maybe it was no longer obvious, because it was hidden underneath the effects of his addiction. He was still there but addiction overpowered him. 

Yes. This could be your child. Yes. You could be the “other people ” to whom this could happen.

Addiction takes over one’s life with a constant need for more. That’s when you swing first against addiction; before things get desperate.

This story can happen anywhere!

We started Swing First Against Addiction to save those who may lose a similar battle. Our mission is to help people with what to look for, where to get help, and most importantly, not to be ashamed to reach out for help. We want people to swing first and get off the drugs in the most natural and health promoting way possible.